Order your printing online, manage your inventory items and customize your branded templates. It's easy to use and will save you time and money. We can customize each storefront to match your specific goals and objectives. Below is an example of an e-business solution we manage for a large regional healthcare provider. This solution has helped the affiliate members locate all of their marketing materials in one centralized directory and save their staff valuable time.

The healthcare provider has over 35 medical centers and offices in the Baltimore/Washington area. They were looking for a partner that could provide an internet based solution that would enable employees to order customized marketing materials, collateral items, booths and displays for community events and expositions.

Art & Negative provided the customer with a custom built website. The customer can place orders for customized open enrollment kits. Users can upload Print on Demand materials that they wish to have added to their kits. Art & Negative prints the materials, assembles the kits, adds any giveaway items they have ordered, and delivers to the location the user specifies.

Our custom built website allows users to track the progress of their order in real time, and provides delivery information including the time the materials delivered and who signed for them. Budget managers can easily track spending by departments or individuals and users can view inventory levels of all items in real time as well as receive automated warning emails when inventories reach critical levels. The client also has access to a host of reports providing tremendous transparency.

This client has found our solution to be extremely beneficial, as we have offered them a single source provider for all of their marketing and event needs, thus enabling the customer to save money and have their goods reach their clients faster. The streamlined billing process has also made their operations much more efficient.

Let Art & Negative create an online storefront solution that meets the needs of your company or organization.

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