Have you had to trim spending on collateral items because of the cost of managing and distributing these items? Relax, we're here to help. We offer total collateral management and fulfillment solutions for businesses of any size and any type. Below is an example of a total collateral management and fulfillment program we currently provide for one of our regions' premier home builders.

This builder has 17 communities located throughout Maryland and Virginia. Their inventory consists of 229 separate pieces of collateral. When a sales professional is in need of materials, they place an order through their own web storefront (which we provide and maintain). The order is then fulfilled and shipped per the sales professionals' instructions. When a specific item drops below a predetermined level, the storefront automatically generates an email to the marketing director, notifying them that supplies are running low.

This client has found that using our program makes the process of keeping 17 communities stocked with materials efficient, and provides dramatic cost savings by reducing overhead.