Art & Negative offers a variety of innovative workflow automation solutions to assist our customers in keeping overhead costs low. Our secure data center can communicate with a variety of other network systems for a total hands-off experience. This saves you from having someone prepare print ready files. See below, for example of how Art & Negative's solution minded staff helps clients add to their bottom line.

We work with a variety of healthcare companies that send out new enrollment packages to approximately 25,000 recipients per month, and annual renewal packages to yet another 10,000 customers monthly. We receive daily data files into our HIPAA compliant servers, then process the data through our postal hygiene software to ensure they will reach their destination. From there the data is transmitted to our page composition software, then output via production digital presses. From there the forms containing variable data are inserted along with other materials into envelopes using out state-of-the-art FlowmasterTM mailing machine, and then presented to the postal service. Our in-house verification and reporting process provides our customers reports detailing their mailing activities.

Our client has been able to reduce overhead, as well as errors, by using one of the many workflow solutions Art & Negative has available.